This is the Helsinki Biennale 2008 artists scroller coaster.

Oooh la la!



Kasper Strömman is an illustrator who finds great pleasure in Hungarian plums, Toblerone and the taste of artificial cherry. At the moment he is trying to learn how to appreciate the sound of the saxophone, poetry readings and old people. He is also taking pictures of hub caps that fell off cars and chairs found outdoors positioned in random places.

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is a father, head of Helsinki Biennale, King of Korea and 50 % of Sinikoski foundation. He is also a brilliant photographer who loves good coffee, cookies and stormy weather. Most people call him Peki. It was also the name of his father’s first dog.

Juliana Harkki has been sailing seas since she was born in 1876. There's no wind that would frighten her, nor storm that would make her seasick.

Matti Riikonen: "I was born in Porvoo 31 years ago. My interest in graphic design was sparked by an active enthusiasm for comics and the cover of a Pixies records. Right now I´m struggling between motion and still images. In addition to graphic design my interests lie in football and strumming the guitar in the cosiness of my living-room."

Ilja Karsikas is an illustrator and graphic designer who doesn't have a TV set. He eats porridge every morning and enjoys starring at swallows and pine trees. At the moment he is working on children’s book illustrations.

Ville Repo, graphic designer living and working in Helsinki. Likes the way amusement parks lights flash under the stormy sky. Developing miniature prototype of interstellar submarine. Uses dental floss with incredible dexterity.

Pekka Neuvonen is a friendly graphic designer and an entrepreneur. Recently he has been working more and more with these things called ActionScript, XML and PHP. Who would have guessed the career counselor in high school had a point after all when she advised him to seek a mathematical career.

Gareth Hayes is from a little village in the east of England, not London. The co-founder of Myymälä2 spends most of his time in front of his monitor
pushing pixlels around, looking for records and dreaming of fish & chips.

Jussi Karjalainen was bor in Kajaani. The year was 1975. He was the founding member of Napabooks. During past years he´s been doing illustrations and graphic design for numerous papers, magazines, book- and record covers. Some poster- and T-shirt designs have also been done on the way! When Jussi is relaxing, he is beating the drum.

Salli Raeste is in Superkasi's extended network.


Johannes Ekholm is a graphic designer and illustrator originally from Northern Helsinki. He admires Clint Eastwood and avoids fresh fruits.

Jonatan Eriksson is a Gemini; he was born on June 8, 1984. Since Gemini’s are a mix of the yin and the yang, they are represented perfectly by the Twins. The Gemini-born can easily see both sides of an issue, a wonderful practical quality. Less practical is the fact, that half the time you're not sure which Twin will show up.

Hella Hernberg is a designer and architect focusing on re-use of materials and spaces. She finds it intriguing to create value for 'nothing': to turn ordinary and useless things into something special. Her designs vary in scale; from lampshades and clothing made of recycled fabrics, to new scenarios for abandoned urban spots.

Inka Järvinen is a Helsinki based illustrator and graphic designer. She mainly works with stuff related to music and fashion. She loves dark nights and hugging.

Maija Louekari is an illustrator and designer. She has worked as a textile designer for Marimekko since 2003. She enjoys the fact that she's able to share something of herself with strangers through her projects and compares them to little children being sent out into the world.

Jaakko Pietiläinen lives in Helsinki City and is a truly gifted guy in a lot of ways. He is also intensely private, so that's the most I will say about him here. Jaakko has a full-time job as a graphic designer, but he also makes these beautiful firepits in his spare time. The detail and workmanship is incredible, as you can see.

Jenna Sutela works on concept design, curatorial projects and writing in the field of new media and art. In her time off, she is developing a tropical way of dealing with things.

Antti Uotila is born, raised and based in Helsinki, but not bred. He does freelance illustrations and graphic design and plays computer in a disco band. Rest of the time he spends playing football in the notorious FC Kurvin Vauhti.

Matti Kunttu is currently 26 years old. Sunsets, graphic design, pictures and peanut butter is stuff he likes.


In December 2005 the world was introduced to the most melancholy magazine, Kasino A4. Since then the fine folk behind the Helsinki-based magazine – AD Pekka Toivonen, photographer Jussi Puikkonen, editor Jonathan Mander and producer Antti Routto – have put together seven magazines of bi-annual bliss, which offer a welcome escape from the impatient mediascape today. The magazine is distributed in 18 countries...

...and in 2008 it was named as one of the best independent style magazines in the world. Kasino A4 has become known for tackling timeless themes the core editorial team and collaborators sense in our times. Kasino A4's concept has additionally materialised as eg. exhibitions, clothing as well as parties designed to relieve people from pressures of the everyday.


Tommi Musturi (1975, Helsinki/Juupajoki) is a comic artist, small press publisher and an editor for the annual international anthology Glömp. At the moment working on a five album 'The Book of Hope' series and a new book 'Walking with Samuel'. Digs freedom, animals, friends, books, walking around, poetry and boxing.

Sami Aho (1976, Helsinki) pilots Galax Publishing and works on the Doozers in Eden exhibition. Publications: Tähti, Väritön maailma and Galax#1-4.

Benjamin Bergman (1980, Helsinki) works on the crossover Doozers in Eden exhibition and a solo exhibition for the Helsinki Comics Festival 2006.

Jarno Latva-Nikkola (1977, Helsinki) won the Scandinavian Strip Comics Competition year 2005. After ten years of participations in numerous anthologies, his debut graphic novel 'The Master of Emotions' was released year 2007. Other works in publications include such as Patto#1-4, Glömp#1-6 & #8, Sarjari, Galago and Pieni seikkailukirja.,

Aapo Rapi (1976, Helsinki) is an artist and animator who studied in Tampere and Edinbourgh. Aapo uses comic as his way of expression and also works as a comic teacher for children. His previous publications include The Dough Boy (Napa, 2005) and several issues of his own Salcov magazine. At the moment he is working on a new book based on his grandmother Meti.

Kari Sihvonen (1980, Helsinki) works as a comic artist and an illustrator. Publications: Kivisyli (Sarjamania) and Soosi (Asema Kustannus).

Roope Eronen is a productive comic artist and musician. His comics have been published in the Glömp anthology and Kuti magazine amongst others. At the moment Eronen is working on his debut album. Eronen’s music can be heard on gigs and albums of Nuslux, Avarus and Maniacs Dream among others.

Amanda Vähämäki (1981, Tampere) Spent her best years studying fine arts in Bologna. She works fulltime on comics at Kutikuti, Helsinki. Her debut album Pullapelto was published in Finland 2007. It can be found in Italian, French, Swedish and Serbia. Shorter stuff can be found in such anthologys as Glömp, Orang, Canicola, Galago and so on.

Anna Sailamaa (1979, Tornio)
Many of her comics are autobiographical, others are something totally different.
Ollaan nätisti (Huuda Huuda, 2008)
Glömp 9 -antologia (Boing Being, 2007)
Sarastus-antologia (Kemin sarjakuvakeskus, 2007)
Sirkus Arkus -antologia (Lahden sarjakuvalinja, 2007)


Nada Go-Go --->


YKON is a collective working on the phenomena of micronations. Group fusion, curiosity about utopian fantasy productions, and interest in the emergence and drying-up of alternative architectures of society unite members Sasha Huber, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Tomas Ivan Träskman. YKON was formed in 2005 in order to organise the next Summit of Micronations on the Brioni Islands in Croatia.


Jouko Korkeasaari (1971, Kajaani) is a visual artist and a member of the art group Hyäryllistä. He has worked in an antiques shop, cleaned bars and been a stylist/hairdresser for different magazines. Currently he is studying to become a doll maker

Sari Koski-Vähälä (1968, Kokkola) is a visual artist, member of the Hyäryllistä group and a student in art pedagogy. To a desert island she would take ice cream and a good mood.

Heli Kurunsaari (1971, Lapua) is woodcut artist, mother of two and one of four who make useful things in Hyäryllistä. She is dreaming of white Christmas and a clean house.

Harri Lukkari (1969, Kuusamo) is a visual artist and a member of the art group Hyäryllistä. He is currently living in Tampere and is going to start studying to become a school assistant. He dreams of living in the countryside with a few horses.


Juuso Westerlund (1975, Helsinki) A photographer who is lost in the world of Poks. Likes to wake up early in the morning to drink coffee and do nothing. At the moment he is learning the art of gardening, thinking about learning Chineese and is fond of toy cameras. Poks!

Ville Palonen (1976) is a Helsinki-based freelance photojournalist, who spends most of his time travelling - and the rest of the time dreaming of new adventures while photoshopping and writing.
Palonen loves nomadic people, weird food and tiny nudibranches. Homepage: Blog:

Eero Kokko (1973) is a freelance photographer. He works and lives in Helsinki. Eero loves photography, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new things... and working as a photographer is all that! Watching is everything :)

Pekka Niittyvirta (b.1974) is Artist/Photographer currently living in Helsinki. He works both in Finland and around Europe for his artistic
projects. Niittyvirta has taken part in several exhibititions in Finland and abroad.

Tatu Hiltunen is a photographer. His current works can be found in Backlight Triennale 2008. Now Hiltunen is working with YLE, acting as himself in the TV-series. He is also going to drive by car from LA to NY november and visit Graceland.


Heli Sorjonenwas born in Joensuu 1975. She has seen the temples of Central America, been blessed at the fetish market in Togo and received a mountain chrystal of the Mother Earth under a waterfall in Brazil. She misses having a fresh coconut after yoga practise in India and next she plans to go to Uganda. She hopes to learn to play her talking drum from

Hanna Koikkalainen was born in Imatra 1980. She has travelled in Soviet Union, Portugal, Poland and Bali. She participated in the authetic voodoo ritual in Benin, found meaning of life on the top of the mountain and ran to the sunset in pampas of Patagonia. She has bought a djembe from South Africa but lost it in Finland.

Sanna-Mari Pirkola was born in Ylivieska 1975. She has dipped in hot springs in Greenland, surfed with dolphins in Australia, experienced trance in the suburbs of Salvador da Bahia and hitchhiked at tundra. She has also seen wild horses under the stars in desert. She has bought a birimbao at the streets Pelourinho and broken it on the way home.

Katja Lautamatti was born in Edinburgh 1976. She has been to India, USA, Libanon, China, Siberia and Chile. She will never forget sunrise at Ganges and floating in the Dead Sea. She still wants to visit Bhutan, Thailand ja Madagaskar. She can`t give away her itchy poncho from Chile.

Niina Mäkeläinen was born in Kuhmo 1975. She has travelled in Europe, India, Russia, Africa, South-America and USA. She has participated a buddhist ritual on a holy mountain in Sri Lanka, visited the world's largest ghetto in Mumbai and hiked on the dynes of Namibia. She has ridden an elephant in Zambia and a camel in Egypt. She owns a South Indian style saree which she never learned how to dress.


Anssi 8000 is a visual artist who also plays music. Anssi’s interests are: love, machines, cars, robots, wife, punkrock, miniramp.


Jari Silomäki (1975, Parkano) has taken part for example Ars Baltica Biennal of Photography 2003, Sydney Biennal 2004 and 47th October Salon Belgrade 2006, Arctic Hysteria P.S.1 2008. Silomäki’s main works include: She cannot wear red 1997, Rehearsals for adulthood 2001, My Weather Diary 2001-2007, My unopened letters 2006, Personal war stories of an outsider 2007 and Ordinary town on ordinary day.



Teemu Mäki 1967–, Lapua. An artist, Doctor of Arts, Professor of Visual Art, Head of Degree Program, University of Art and Design Helsinki. Also a perspectival moral relativist, atheist, vitalist and socialist. Compulsive joker, too. Makes paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, videos, installations, theatre, texts... Sees art as the most flexible, versatile and comprehensive form of philosophy and politics.


Silje Nes is Norwegian multi-instrumentalist / singer / songwriter


Kinpro is an illustrator from Sapporo, Japan. Her major work includes: "GRIMM"(2003 ,Germany) published by Die Gestalten Verlag, "ANDERSEN" (2004), "LeBron James:Chamber Of Fear" published by NIKE (2005, USA), "Hotel Fox" produced by Project Fox, "WALLPAPER exhibition" produced by MAXALOT in Barcelona + SHIFT, an e-zine in Japan. In 2007 she joined in "Zune Originals" produced by Microsoft (NY).

Zven Balslev (born 1977, Grenaa, Denmark)
Graphic artist, painter, musician and publisher of Smittekilde books & records. His book "The Wigboiler" was out on le dernier cri last year. Currently working on a series of slimy oil paintings and twisted ceramic plates. Enjoys Leslie Nielsen comedies, squid in tomato sauce and psychedelic beat music.

Ray Bartkus – born in Vilnius, Lithuania; now lives in New York City. Does illustrations for some publications, had few shows here and there. Still dreams about going back to Joensuu, Finland to have a drink in the local punk club.

Stine Belden Røed (1981, Norway) is an illustrator who loves her pencils, her luxo lamp, her bike, trees, birds, odd people with suits and ties, colours, lines and the surreal.

François Belot (1982, Neuilly-sur-Marne) is a graphist/designer/illustrator,
publisher of the graphic magazine "Les Fleurs Racolent". No special interests except wallpapers, dead ponies, cats and girls.

Gam Bodenhausen (1973, Geldrop/The Netherlands) is an artist, performer. Making drawings and installations. Writing and playing music in white spaces, on dirty carpets and in muddy swamps. The content of her work is partly autobiographic, although often the storyline totally disappears. At the moment she is working on two projects. ‘The Old Self’ and ‘Dusty Home.

Vanna Bowles works with drawing, sculpture and installation. Her work is theatrical, often with references to Victorianism and the bourgeoisie. In 2008 she had a solo show at Angelika Knäpper Gallery in Stockholm, and took part in the Third Beijing International Art Biennale, China. Bowles is born 1974 in Gothenburg, and lives and works in Oslo.

Davin Wade Brainard
(b. 1969, Livonia, Michigan, USA) Davin lives and works in Detroit, MI, USA. In a small garage in Detroit, using common, household materials, Davin will create a beautiful, simple paradise in just one day.  And featuring harsh electronic noise!!!

Sushan Chan born 1986, Hong Kong. Freshly graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently living in Yan Tin Hse, Lam Tin, a public housing estate provided by the government. A window above her bed is her luxury, for it makes her feel like sleeping outdoor.

Born in 1982, Craoman is a french artist from "ledernier cri" in Marseille.

Francesco Manuel Defourny is a Belgian comic and illustrator artist. He is working for "l'association" edition. He is actually preparing his third book. He is also working for U.D.A edition the company of Mr Blanquet doing most of the time illustrations for international publications. He has created his own comic-fanzine "George", a monthly issue.

Simone van Dijken: Rock packed, spanked, slapped. Drawing puts me at an uncertain spot. I’d like to think of my drawing as a couple of careless words, a half-spoken sentence. Hesitation is enhanced in components which build up a drawing.... and each one, on paper, on a screen, on someone's olive skin confronts me with a slight sensation of pain. Withdraw? Hell no.

Björn Hegardt graduated in 2001 from the art academy in Trondheim and moved to Berlin. He is the editor of the excellent drawing magazine Fukt, and is participating in various exhibitions around Europe with his drawings. Currently he is on an artist-in-residency in Paris, working with a new issue of Fukt, eating croissants and drinking too much red wine.

Michael C. Hsiung is known for his black and white ink drawings depicting oddly realistic tales from a time long past and his work has been shown in local art galleries in Los Angeles and New York. He has also done numerous commissions for t-shirts designs, flyers and CD albums. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to draw, show his work, and manage his website:

Husmann/Tschäni are emerging fast-spellbound contemporary Swiss-Artists, with successful shows from Melbourne, Zurich to New Delhi towards Mumbai 09 and Hollywood 10. They in fact work backwards, painting in layers on the reverse of Perspex. The dominant characters are enchanted children and a set of hallucinatory, realised in broad patches of colour and surrounded by bright abstract objects

Espen Friberg is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer who is currently investigating the mysteries of Southeast Louisiana with his nostrils. The results of this will be shown in his upcoming exhibition "Why Have You Not Taken Me Here?"

Anneli Furmark I am a comic artist who also works with painting. I’ve published three comic books of my own, and participated in different anthologies and magazines, also in Finland. I live in Umeå in northern Sweden with my family. Sometimes I believe I am a person who needs to sit in the forest by some little lake and never move from there, but I always end up in cities together with people.

Talita Hoffmann (1988) is a Brazilian artist and graphic design student. Besides drawing and painting, she plays bass in a band called Tom Enola.

Cody Hoyt was born in 1980 in the US. In 2001 he began to study printmaking, and received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 2007. He has exhibited in several galleries, and currently curates and publishes a biannual art publication
titled Apenest.

Johannes Høie (1981) is a Norwegian artist working primarily with drawings in various genres, and plays guitar in Rat Salad and various other bands. He is currently working on his ongoing “Floodland” works that involves large scale monumental wall drawings, smaller ink drawings, music and texts, that are all a part of a dark epic fantasy world. He is hoping to make it into a book soon. link

Vytenis Jankunas
(born in Kaunas, Lithuania, lives and works in New York) is an artist working with different media. Currently he also works as a web and print designer.

Bendik Kaltenborn is raised in the Norwegian mountains back in the crazy 80s. The last ten years he's been an active part of the underground publishing house Dongery, where he released his award-winning graphic novel "Six Hungry Men". He recently finished his MA at Konstfack in Stockholm with the animated short film "The End".

Kolbeinn Karlsson Swedish/Icelandic Comics artist Kolbeinn Karlsson has charmed the pants of Swedes and Europeans alike. In his calm and dream-like stories, the awesome mingles with the mundane:  macho men give birth, giant parties light up the forest canopy and beards are law everywhere. He is currently working on his Swedish debut album, as well as a short animated feature. kolbeinnkarlsson[AT]

Jonas Liveröd (1974) lives and works in Malmö, Sweden and has been active on the international art-scene since graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in the Netherlands in 1999. He has has exhibited in Spain, Germany, the United States, France and Vietnam among others. When not up to his neck in art, he designs for little clothes labels. New book "The Violence" out now.

André Lemos (1971, Lisbon/Portugal) is an artist, illustrator, comic artist and independent publisher. He has works published in several solo and collective publications around the world. Currently working a lot with his independent publisher Opuntia Books.

Arnaud Loumeau
born, lives and works in Poitiers, France. 30 years old very boring guy, who loves paper, color pens, UFOs, rainbows, monsters, tetris and mythology.

Nicolas Mahler (born 1969, Vienna, Austria) is a cartoonist/writer who has published over 30 books, mostly in German, French and English. He has also made a couple of animated short films.

Antje Majewski (1968, Germany) is a painter and video artist that also has done a confusing lot of other things, including the production of a dance theatre piece and various books. Her show "My very gestures", due to open in Salzburger Kunstverein in mid September, will knot the loose ends together. A beautiful catalogue will follow.

Ilan Manouach was born in Athens in 1980. He makes a living by playing music and in his free time he works as an illustrator and draws as well his own comics (mostly published by La Cinquieme Couche). He is now translating Ivan Brunetti's book from Fantagraphics in Greek (SIGH!) and working in a new series of comics remixes.

Mike Maxwell Born in 1979 San Diego based artist has built a loyal following with his signature stone-blue faces, gloomy churches and beautiful windmills. Self-taught and continuously improving in his work, the poetic dreamy scenes examine humanity, conceptuality, genetics and consciousness. His work has been shown at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Japan, London, and Australia.

Sex Tags are Peter Anatol Mitterer (1982, Zell am See) and Stefan Mitterer (1983, Zell am See). Working in a collaborative manner with installation, drawing, text, events and sound, they contextualize and conceptualize networking as a artistic practice and initiate site/time-specific projects. They also run the record labels Sex Tags Amfibia and Sex Tags Mania.

Marko Mäetamm: recent projects are talking about family and domestic issues. I am interested in how society manipulates with me as a family man and how I see myself in relationship with my wife and children and with society that surrounds us. My ideas talk about our social behaviour, about controlling things and being controlled, about our decisions and choices and desires and dreams. About very simple things.

Luke Ramsey's primary creative focus is on Islands Fold, an artist residency created by himself and his partner Ange. They invite artists free of charge, and make art and zines to fund their project. Luke has collaborated with over 70 artists to date. His work has been exhibited in Portland, Taipei, Philadelphia and Copenhagen. Luke enjoys listening to Prem Rawat's message of peace, hiking and playing cards with Ange.

Rex Koo is a Hong Kong base graphic designer and illustrator. He is extremely passionate towards the design of Chinese and English Typography. After a several years of the concentration on vector graphic's work, Rex became tired of the emotionless computer operation and began to create artwork by hand hoping to recap the human touch in his work.

Maja Sten is an illustrator who likes her 3B pencils sharp and long. Her favourite things to do at the moment is kissing her daughters head, making sour-dough bread, and chitchatting with the neighbours.
She has recently launched My Little Drama narrative jewellery, with her friend Eva Schildt and is currently taking part in the exhibition Joyful Bewilderment (UK) during the autumn.

Michael Swaney (1978) now lives and works in Barcelona. He only recently discovered that he is more than one eighth Polish and that his real surname was actually "Swiatkowski." Working primarily, with the collage medium, his detailed works of fictional, domestic scenes are meticulously cut and pasted to create uncomfortable yet lighthearted situations and hypothetical performances.

Ceren Oykut (1978, Istanbul) draws about urban culture focused on daily realities. Her drawings were presented in various magazines such as L-inc, Kontrol, Roll, and Fuct-D. She works with music bands called “Baba Zula” and “Anabala” by creating and rendering projected digital images in real time on stage. She contributed to many projects in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Serbia, and Egypt.

Erik Mark Sandberg
is an artist/print-maker from Los Angeles. He is a graduate from Art Center College of Design and has received steady success in the fields of Fine Art and Illustration, receiving numerous grants and awards for his editorial and advertising work.

Koren Shadmi was born in Israel, where lived his early teens. where he moved to New York to study in the School of Visual Arts, where he acquired his bachelor degree. Koren's illustration work had appeared in publications such as: Spin Magazine, BusinessWeek, the Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, the Progressive The San Francisco Chronicle and many others.

Silke Schöner: 1968 Born in Krefeld, 1988 – 94 Kassel Art School, 1990 – 91 Dresden Art School, 2005 Galerie Oliver Ahlers, Göttingen (S), 2006 Galerie Ulrich Gering, Frankfurt (S), 2007 Dillon Gallery, New York (S), 2008 Galerie Strenger, Tokyo (S).trade-fair participations: art-fair international, Köln
Tease Art Fair, Köln, Cologne Fine Art, Köln
Art Karlsruhe, Art Tokyo

Jasper Sebastian Stürup (1969, Denmark) lives and works in New York.  Solo exhibitions: The Masterplan at Galeri MøllerWitt (Copenhagen) upcoming in November 2008; Today We Escape, Horsens Kunstmuseum (Horsens); and Napoleon at the Party, Galleri Susanne Ottesen (Copenhagen). Group exhibitions: Friendly Fire in The NY Art Book Fair (New York); Cut Away, Art Basel (Basel).

Toby Tam Born 1987 in Hunan of China, presently living in Hunan. I started a webzine called Certain plus Magazine this year:
My website:

Liv Tandrevold Eriksen (1976) currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway. For the last six years her main focus has been drawings. Adolescence, and the thoughts and dreams that occur with the transition from child to adult, are often the starting point of her work. For the moment she is working with new stuff for her solo exhibition at Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrø

Till Thomas (1979) is a comic artist and illustrator living in the city of Hamburg, where he has published the third issue of his minicomic "Zirp" recently. He also belongs to the group of cartoonists gathered around the comic anthology "Orang". He likes the sea but no mountains. Huckleberries, too.

Franziska Wicke, 28. I live and work in Berlin and Belgrade. Last 5 weeks I travelled over 400 km on a raft as research station on river Sava through Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. Now I stay in Belgrade for the post processing. Important to me are process and context. The creation of a temporary situation in crucial points is a key moment of my art.

"Balint Zsako was born in Budapest in 1979. He draws pictures." -Michael Jordan



Erik Arthur is a freelance photographer located in Åre, Sweden. With the beautiful nature of the northern hemisphere and the intense pulse of Scandinavia’s largest winter resort right on the door step - Erik focuses on what he likes the most; capturing wild action sport moments and spectacular nature scenery.

Roger Ballen (New York, 1950): Since 1982 he has been living and taking photographs in South Africa. His work is represented in many museums including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Maison Européene de la Photographie in Paris and the MoMA in New York. Over the last year Ballen’s work has been exhibited in numerous museums in Europe and the US. Currently he is working on his seventh book of photography.

Olaf Breuning born in 1970, Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Studied photography in Zurich, Switzerland. Lives and works in New York. Breuning has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and museums around the world, both with individual exhibitions and taking part in group exhibitions:

Dean Chalkley – Down with mediocrity!!..
From the iconic shots of this generations most heralded sonic protagonists to investigations into youth sub cultures, Dean Chalkley’s work traverses from the sublime to the dynamic. His photographs studies subjects with a little humour searching for unconventional beauty and wonder. For more information go to

Daniel Gustav Cramer is an artist. He lives and works in Berlin.

Jirí David born in 1956, Rumburk, Czech Republic. Studies at Academy of Fine Arts, Prague 1982–1987. Lives and works in Prague. Selected exhibitions:
2008: When hell freezes over – Art Dominik Projects, Krakow, Poland. 2007–08: I do not remember, it is dangerous, Wannieck Gallery Brno, Czech Republic.
2007: The Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art (with Eugenio Percossi), Roma, Italy.

Cheryl Dunn is a photographer and filmmaker living in New York City. Last year she published her 2nd book of photos and film entitled "Some Kind of Vocation" published by Picturebox. She is one of the artists in the touring exhibition and recently released documentary  "Beautiful Losers". Likes bikes and dreams of bike only cities worldwide. 

Eve Fowler
is a LA based artist. Her work can be seen at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Fowler’s work has recently been exhibited at Participant in New York, New Langton Arts and The Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, Thomas Solomon Gallery and LACE in Los Angeles. She received her MFA from Yale University and has taught at UCLA, USC and CalArts among other schools.

Christian Friis/Photographer Grown up north of Copenhagen. After a year of highschool in W. Australia, I moved back to do photography school in CPH for 3 years. 1997 I moved to New York. Ended up staying for 4 years, where I worked for some of the best photographers. Became a dad in year 2001, and had to move back to CPH. Started up for myself shortly after.

Peter Funch, 1974 Denmark. Lives and works in New York City. Photojournalist from the Danish School of Journalism. I like to play with the limits of photography - making reality into fiction and the other way around. Solo Exhibitions: 2008 The Eye of the Beholder, a solo project at Voltashow Art Fair New York 2007 Babel Tales at V1 Gallery, CPH, Denmark
2003 Las Vegas – Made by Man at V1 Gallery, CPH.

Anne Hardy lives and works in London, recent exhibitions include The Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, Barbican Art Gallery London 2008; New Photography in Britain, Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy 2008; Untitled (Vicarious) Gagosian, New York 2008, as well as solo shows at Bellwether, New York 2008 and Maureen Paley, London 2006.

Koen Hauser (1972) is an artist who frequently uses old photography and archives or their visual language in his work. 'de Luister van het Land' (2008) consists of over 400 images from the Spaarnestadphoto archive. Dealing with his philosofical obsession with the 'diorama', or created world, he incorporated his own image as the 'creator' of this self-emerged, enigmatic world.

Aaron Huey (1975, Wyoming/Seattle/New York City) is a photojournalist known for his work in National Geographic, The New Yorker, The Smithsonian, GEO, etc, etc, etc.  He is also known for his solo 5,500 KM walk across America. Mr Huey is 32 but is still trying to breakdance. He likes fur, gold boots, and the Glitch Mob.

Photographer Kayt Jones was born in London and grew up around magazines, so it was natural that she would pick up a camera at an early age and begin her passion for images that has led to many fruitful collaborations with the worlds top fashion magazines and to making her own first short film FOXGLOVE premiered at the 2008 Lorcarno film festival. She currently lives in Los Angles.

Mika Kitamura
Photographer born in Japan in 1982.

Klara Källström (1984, Sweden) is an artist/photographer and currently making public art in Finland. At the moment her first book Gingerbread Monument is being released and soon she leaves for a three months stay in Japan. Work to see at

Alejandra Laviada (1980) is a photographer based in Mexico City. She studied her BFA at Rhode Island School of Design and later completed an MFA at the School of Visual Arts, in New York. Her photographs have been published in The New York Times Magazine, Wallpaper, Capricious magazine, and Vogue among others.

Miranda Lehman is a photographer and filmmaker who currently resides in Portland Oregon. She pays close attention to changes in the weather, and enjoys flickering lights recorded on camera. Lehman's new experimental work is being released under a variety of well-guarded pseudonyms.

Anthony Lister, Australian born painter and installation artist. He has been exhibited all over the world and notable within the Low Brow Art Movement. He currently resides between New York and Australia. Lister's work suggest influences from many areas and genres, like street art, expressionism and pop art. It often deals with subject matter from pop culture, reflecting the less glamorous aspects.

Diane Mayer is an artist working in photography, installation and mixed media. Solo exhibitions at AIR Gallery, NYC and The Society for Contemporary Photography, Kansas City. She has a BFA in Photography from NY University, Tisch School of the Arts and a MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California. and is currently an Assistant Professor of Photography at Loyola Marymount University.

Disco Meisch, originally from Germany now living and dreaming in New York City, where she has been working as a photographer and producer. Disco has been shooting for Russian Dazed & Confused, Intersection magazine, Pin Up, Nylon and working with the band Ladytron who followed her blindly to the Bronx Zoo once for a great shot with giraffes and bats.

Mona Moe Holhjem
is a Norwegian photographer based in Maputo, Mozambique. She has studied art in England (KIAD), Chech Republic (AAAD, Prague), Norway (OF, Oslo) and South Africa (WITS, Johannesburg).
Mona has received several awards for her work including the Observer Hodge Photographic Award (2004) and has been exhibited in Norway, Japan and UK.

Fred Mortagne: I have reached the age of Jesus but I really don't care about that, like some people do. I have focused my recent photo works around the slow death of analogue photography. It is something that matters to me a lot, and I wish it would be the same for most photographers, so the situation wouldn't be as critical. It's got one foot in the grave and that's for sure, and no one gives a bloody dam.

Sonja Müller born in Germany is an established photographer who has worked extensively in the domain of sports and music. Müllers multi layered images contain a somewhat timelessness, that both confuse and seduce the viewer. Sonja Müller is at present working on a new body of work that investigates society’s obsession with celebrity culture, and the use of status symbols as signifiers.

Erin Jane Nelson fled from her small rural suburb at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to New York City where she currently lives and works. She also goes to university at The Cooper Union, focusing on photography, sculpture, and film. She loves potted plants, dimples, and fresh notebooks. Her work seeks to find little moments of conceptual and sensual clarity in a busy,messy world.

Ryo Ohwada Born in Sendai, Japan, in 1978.
2004 Tokyo Polytechnic University, Graduate School of Arts, Media art studies
2005 ReGeneration. 50 Photographers of Tomorrow, 2005–2025, Musée de l’Elysée
Publishing: "prism" 2007. Publisher: SEIGENSHA (ISBN-13:978-4861521096)

Beatrix Pang:
Hong Kong artist, works on photography + video + installation + poem related with urban observation and stories of people.

Ahndraya Parlato, American, Born, 1979. In 2002 Ahndraya received a B.A. from Bard College; and in 2005 she graduated from California College of the Arts with an M.F.A. Her work explores the distinctions between banality and normalcy, and the ways in which people impose structures and ideals on the world. Ahndraya is currently teaching at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York.

Joachim Schmid (* 1955) Lives in Berlin and has been working with found photographs since the early 1980s. His works have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions. His publications include Erste allgemeine Altfotosammlung (1991), Bilder von der Strasse (1997), Sinterklaas ziet alles (1998), A meeting on holiday (2003), Belo Horizonte, Praça Rui Barbosa (2004), and Photoworks 1982–2007 (2007).

Peter Sutherland is a New York City based artist. He's released several publications and films, most recently Buck Shots and Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project. Sutherland has shown in group exhibitions in the US and in Europe and in the travelling Tiny Vices show, currated by Tim Barber. His solo exhibitions
have been on view at Someday Gallery/Melbourne, MU/Eindhoven and Gallery White Room/Tokyo.

Pierre Vanni Some say they are paper sculptures and others refer to them as 3D drawings. Pierre Vanni’s 3D paper craft pieces might have ironically smiled at you from publications including Graphik, Dazed & Confused, Tactile and soon the New York Style Magazine. Living in the South of France, Pierre opened his studio in Toulouse in 2007 and is currently working on his thesis at university.

Poppy de Villeneuve (1979, London) is a photographer based in New York. Her work has a strong sense of narrative, perhaps empathy but predominantly a question. She is most recently working on publishing her first book on her project of inmates at the Louisiana state penitentiary, 'The Strangers'.

Jessica Williams was born in 1986 in Anchorage, Alaska. She is an American interdisciplinary artist who works mostly in photography, collage, and drawing. She went to school for art in New York City and Malmö and now lives and works in New York.

Sarah Wilmer Born and raised in Missouri, Sarah Wilmer lives and works in New York, with her cat, Tubs. The sinister and macabre are common threads within her work and even her trademark laugh, which is 90 % scream and 10 % giggle. Mystery, danger and sensuality are the guts of her pictures.,,

Rachel Bank (1980, Chicago, USA) is a photographer and artist born in Detroit to Moldovan immigrant parents. She came to Chicago in 2000 to study photography and has stayed due to the ceaseless wonder she finds in its architecture and people. She is working on projects about fake flowers, urban and suburban buildings and construction, and subdivision entryways.

Hanna Terese Nilsson (1983) is an illustrator, who also makes different projects in design, video and photography. Is part of the group smycken and PWR. Also makes clothes with shoulder-pads and 90's stretch dresses.



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