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26.08.2009> Helsinki Biennale 2008 T-shirts have arrived! After we wrote about our ecologically prodused EarthPositive T-shirts we got enguiries about where to get them from. - And this was even before publishing the print on the shirts! Unfortunately we need to reply to all you eager people out there that you can't buy the shirts anywhere. We have made a limited edition of 100 shirts for our family members only. Peace and love and lovelove and lovelovelove!

Homeless Dictators:

Nada Go-Go - Endless Love:

Teemu Mäki - Pavillion of Chechnya:

Beetlehem - Pavillion of Internet:

Anssi8000 - Pavillion of Melmac:

KasinoA4 - Pavillion of Peep:

Greetings from Thingland:

Turbo10 - Pavilion of kindom of later days:

YKON - Pavilion of Antarctica:

Hyäryllistä - Pavilion of Hyäryllistä - For rainy days:

Superkasi - Pavilion of Hidden War Treasures from Sweden:

23.10.2008> Helsinki Biennale 2008 T-shirts have arrived! After we wrote about our ecologically prodused EarthPositive T-shirts we got enguiries about where to get them from. - And this was even before publishing the print on the shirts! Unfortunately we need to reply to all you eager people out there that you can't buy the shirts anywhere. We have made a limited edition of 100 shirts for our family members only. Peace and love and lovelove and lovelovelove!

Good evening! Tonight Helsinki Biennale Talk Show is proud to present guests from far away, Beetlehem.

Helsinki Biennale: Have I understood it right that Beetlehem is apparently situated in Internet. What is the everyday life like there in the land of crashing servers?
Beetlehem: Lots of laugh, lots of love, lots of luck."

Helsinki Biennale: Are you native citizens of Internet or immigrants?
Beetlehem: "We are all nomads."

Helsinki Biennale: Civic organizations have been demanding taking down the fire wall that divides your country. How does this reflect to your tired eyes?
Beetlehem: "Well, we can't really see it."
Helsinki Biennale: Many of them criticizing you think that your country mainly contain sick trash rather than serious information! How does this reflect to your nation's form of government? 
Beetlehem: "Our nation's form of government is democrazy."

Helsinki Biennale: Oh, that's interesting. Could you please still tell me something about your nation's pavilion exhibited at Helsinki Biennale's World Fair.
Beetlehem: "Our pavilion is conceptual. We will exhibit an installation with a printer as the centerpiece. It is a teleport printing out the core of our nation, bringing it into a tangible format as mash slowly taking over the space surrounding it."

18.10.2008> We have now started to build the exhibition in Designmuseum by working with the information graphics. It's not possible to tell you about it without introdusing you the best hungarian human being in Finland Reka Kiraly. She is living and working in Helsinki. We have admired her playful illustrations two years now. In her work she often mixes elements of the reality and imagination in very emotional way. Lately she had been on maternity leave and developing her own product line for children and young adults. After we heard some rumours that she is making a "come back" to full time working life we immidiately asked her to make collaboration with us. We asked if she would like to make the exhibition graphics for Helsinki Biennale 2008 and she said yes. And then we said JEEE!!! Now after working with her it's easy to say that we are extremely happy that she is with us. You will soon see the results of her work in exhibition space. Meanwhile you will have time enough to visit Reka's webpage:

One of the pavilions in World Fair will be the tent for the Homeless Dictators. We have many artists all over the world who have worked for it by sending us their homeless dictators. We have printed a tent canvas full of their drawings in Vallila Interior. The tent modis based on the Finnish outdoor company Halti's tent model. The idea was to make prints inside the tent. The canvas is made in a way that ables the pictures to be seen on both sides of the fabric if light is put inside the tent. For manufacturing we sent the fabric to China to make our fabric look like a tent. So the last weeks we have been super curious to see how the tent of the homeless dictators will look like. In the beginning of this week we heard really bad news that our fabric has been stuck in the Chinese customs all this time! At that point we started to be quite frustrated and nervous about the schedule. It was less than two weeks to the opening and they haven't even got the fabric... Today we just received pictures of... the readymade tent! And they even promised that the tent would be here on Monday! WOW! That's what I call good news! We would like to thank the team who worked with our tent in China. Perfect! The tent will look so great in Designmuseum with lightning and everything.

16.10.2008> We can see the financial mess all over the world and that's why Helsinki Biennale has been slightly worried about all the millions of billions we have invested in the stock markets. We sent Peki all the way down to Barcelona to ask Catalonian experts about the future. They said that it is impossible to say that much about the future because the future is mañana. Only thing they could say about the future was that Helsinki Biennale's opening should take place on October 24th at 6p.m. It was written in stars or something. And of course we can't resist the stars. So we have now booked the opening for the time they suggested.

These experts were really sorry that they couldn't help us with our stocks and diamonds. One of the seniors said that his wife said ones that he is worth more than all the money in the world. So he suggested that they can pose to us as models so we don't have worry about our economy. Peki thought it was a good idea, so here we go! Three wise men!


01.10.2008> Helsinki Biennale supports all kinds of activity for a better tomorrow. For a while now we have been searching for a textile company to collaborate with. And now after a long search, we just have to share the news with you, if there are other people looking for t-shirts with a minimal environmental footprint. Organic cotton + ethically traded clothes + carbon neutral manufacturing = EarthPositive. Our own limited edition t-shirts are out soon and they have been printed on EarthPositive t-shirts by Belik. We have chosen to use EarthPositive shirts because all their products are made of organic cotton with superior quality. They are ethically manufactured with sustainable energy generated by wind and solar power.
– That's pretty cool!

30.09.2008> Superkasi has continued working with their pavilion in the legendary Talli that use to be motorcycle club Bandidos' HQ. They kidnaped Wooden Leg-Toni to help building electricity and stuff to their interchangeable container. So they are right now in the middle of a rough working period and bad sense of humor. There are a lot of tools, machines and custom old school chopper bicycles. Rumours tell it's all going to be made in the name of blue and yellow. Heja bastu!


And some crazy super multi-color snuff stuff. This is the happiest art work from Kitee which is the most depressive city of Finland. The piece is called Untitled. By the way, have you heard that Kim Jong Il died already year 2003 and they use a 2,5 cm taller doppelganger that pretends to be him. Why didn't we try that trick with Kekkonen? Or maybe we did. Many say he was not the same after his trip to Hawaii...

19.09.2008> The Brown Paper Bag says: you, me and we... new vision, new secrets, new buildings, new world, new future. 35 days to go!

We have been asked to extend Helsinki Biennale 2008. Now it will be open for three months! The World Fair will take place 25.10.2008–25.1.2009 That's good! There is going to be millions of billions Russian tourists here in Helsinki in January so it is nice that we can be part of their holiday plans. Maybe we should check if we can order a free entrance for all ex-KGB agents wearing judo suits.

Well well... I'm happy to tell you that The Blog of The Brown Paper Bag is now officially open. I try to give you some hints about what's going on in different parts of the Earth where all of my favourite ones are working for the HB's World Fair.

We can begin with Superkasi from Helsinki.


Superkasi started their prework for Helsinki Biennale by wrapping up their office in plastic. Rumours tell that they will bring hidden war treasures from Sweden to Design Museum. Sounds good to me! The Brown Paper Bag just don't know if there is a connection between the plasctic and war treasures... IKEA?

This video is from their first photoshooting. It is made at Juliana Superkasi's place because Superkasi was already so full of plastic that it wasn't possible to do anything there without the risk of blowing up the whole place with frictional electricity. Damn hippies! I love you! Every single one of you!




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