Helsinki Biennale is an independent art organisation based on collaboration between different artists. It operates on the border zone of art and design. Helsinki Biennale brings together interesting artists and builds up a platform to create new without a commercial goal or predetermined forms. This creates new ideas, interfaces, forms of co-operaton and activity, working methods, and "good stuff". If it sounds naive, that's what we are!


Aki-Pekka Sinikoski, born in 1978 is a photographer and artist. He lives and works in Helsinki. During the last five years he has been working mostly on different photographic projects. He has curated and cordinated Helsinki Biennale since year 2006.

+358 40 55 234 50

If you need any information consering World Fair at Design Museum, or want to make interviews with Helsinki Biennale artists please contact our lovely office personal. Jessica Sinikoski or Katri Winqvist will take care of you and solve all the problems you have in your life.

+358 400 502 167

If you want to send us some goodies and zines:

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