Kasper Strömman is an illustrator who loves the smell of a freshly uncapped marker in the morning. He is currently working on an artistic cookbook and has for research purposes limited his food intake to only eating Chicken Kung Po for the past year or so. A lot of good chickens lost their life as a result of this experiment. www.kingnosmo.com
Aki-Pekka Sinikoski is a photographer, artist, head of Helsinki Biennale and the King of Korea. Peki, Aki-Peki, Aki & Naki, or Peki Bananasplitz; one kid, one love, many names. Aki-Peki has his office at Superkasi Studios. He is doing his master studies in the department of photography at UIAH. You might have seen his works exhibited e.g. at Kiasma, Lasipalatsi, Myymälä2, and in USF/Bergen. For more info: www.korea.fi
Gareth Hayes
Tuure Ilja Ernesto Karsikas (1978) is an illustrator and graphic designer. He also writes shamelessly romantic songs for his Marian valinta band. www.iljakarsikas.com & www.marianvalinta.com
Joris Martens (Belgium, 1975) lives and works in Antwerp/Amsterdam/Helsinki and has exhibited his work widely in Europe. He's riding a seemingly unreasoning horse, equipped with a GPS called ‘CURIOUS’, eager to discover new perspectives, galopping primitive freshly leaved imageforests and wading through chilly lakes of foreign languages, jumping gaps, constructing sense and breaking his and his friends fall on an oversized tatami.
Juliana Harkki was born in 1976 in Korso, where she spent her moderately happy childhood. Now she is a photographer and lives in Kallio. Her life is still quite ok.
Jussi Karjalainen is doing book designs, record covers, illustrations, posters and some other stuff. When he´s not, he might be playing cardboard box with rubber bone in band called Selfish Shellfish. He is also original member of Napabooks. Born in 1975, The birth place was called Kajaani.
Matti Riikonen: "I was born in Porvoo 29 years ago. My interest in graphic design was sparked by an active enthusiasm for comics and the cover of a Pixies records. Right now I´m struggling between motion and still images. In addition to graphic design my interests lie in football and strumming the guitar in the cosiness of my living-room."
Pekka Neuvonen: "Recently i’ve been working with annual reports and book design, movie posters and motion graphics, websites and illustrations, logotypes and identities, album covers and postcards. In other words i’m not specialized, i guess i do what people ask me to do. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it really sucks. I think Helsinki Biennale just might make it to the fun-list.”
Ville Repo (born 1972) is a freelance graphic designer living and working in Kallio, Helsinki. Repo has been designing book covers and layouts for a variety of publishers since 1998. Repo had his adventures in pixel dominated gaming industry and worked for television too. Currently he is part of Super8 crew. There is a batcave in his legohouse. www.hiiliteline.net

Established in 2001, Syrup Helsinki is a design agency offering creative direction, art direction and graphic design. It is the best design agency in Northern Europe. For more info: www.syruphelsinki.com

Jarno Vesa (1975) is a designer (MA). His love of design, music and crafts has lead him to work with acoustic guitars. His goal is to make the most dangerous curves in town.
Pieta-Linda Auttila (1974) is a jumble of design. Now she is planning to graduate from TaiK as a spatial designer. She has collected a lot of her better world-visions from explorations around the planet. Wandering around she keeps on saying "Cant't get lost if you don't know where you're going"
Tommi Petteri Lipiäinen (1968) aka Pöke is Helsinki based artist and Formula One lunatic. www.isotammi.com
Janne Lax (1975) is the man behind St.Vacant Footwear. He has a degree in shoe design and a backround in bespoke shoes. He draws inspiration from music, science fiction and his hometown Helsinki. St.Vacant footwear combine uncompromising design, fresh ideas and twisted colours with solid, hands-on shoemaking skills. www.saintvacant.com

Aapo Rapi (1976, Helsinki) is an artist and animator who studied in Tampere and Edinbourgh. Aapo uses comic as his way of expression and also works as a comic teacher for children. His previous publications include The Dough Boy (Napa, 2005) and several issues of his own Salcov-magazine. At the moment he is working on a new book based on his grandmother Meti.
Benjamin Bergman (1980, Helsinki) works on crossover 'Doozers in Eden' -exhibition and a solo exhibition for the Helsinki Comics Festival 2006.
Jarno Latva-Nikkola (1977, Helsinki) won the Scandinavian Strip Comics Competition year 2005. Works at the moment on his new graphic novel 'The Master of Emotions'. Participations in publications such as Patto#1-4, Glömp#1-8, Sarjari and Pieni seikkailukirja.
Johanna Rojola (born 1970) got her diploma in bande dessinée at Angouleme art school 1995. Roju works as an illustrator, comics artist and a silkscreen printer. She has decided to not decide whether to live in Paris or in Helsinki and shares her time between the two cities. www.nbl.fi/johanna.rojola, www.kutikuti.com
Kari Aulis Sihvonen (1980) is an illustrator and comic artist. When not drawing plays guitar. www.karisihvonen.com, http://theboobyprize.com/
Pauliina Mäkelä (1980) is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and comics artist. Her debut comic album 'Karnevaalit' was awarded at the annual Finnish graphic design competition Vuoden Huiput in 2006. Publications/participations: Karnevaalit / The Carnival, Don´t Don´t Don´t and Glömp#8.
Sami Aho (1976, Helsinki) pilots Galax Publishing and works on 'Doozers in Eden'-exhibition. Publications: Tähti, Väritön maailma and Galax#1-4.
Tommi Musturi (1975, Helsinki/Juupajoki) is a comic artist, small press publisher and an editor for the annual international anthology Glömp. At the moment working on a five album 'The Book of Hope' series and a new book 'Walking with Samuel'. Digs freedom, animals, friends, books and walking around, poetry and boxing.

Maija Louekari accomplishes visually different kinds of things. they can be
designed things, illustrations or more occasional and eventful ideas related to living and life. Maija has worked as a textiledesigner for marimekko since 2003. She is also illustrating and creates to MUOTO-magazine Do-It-Yourself column, where she works with different kinds of designed things in everyday-life, which you don´t have to take so seriously. See more: www.maijalouekari.com www.marimekko.fi
Mari Isopahkala is a graduate of the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design department of the Lahti Design Institute. Now she is completing her Master of Arts degree in the Applied Art and Design program at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She wants to work in a field of design more widely and break the limits between ordinary borders. "I want to get people to stop, think and smile." She works also as a freelancer designer and has taken part of IMU-design and ESINE collaboration.
Niko Venäläinen (born 1976) is an interior architect and furniture designer rooted in Helsinki. He loves diamonds and blink-blink things, horses, stars and the sky at night, clouds, jungles, seas, whales, early mornings and quiet cities, wind, traveling, dreaming and sleeping, icebergs, polar bears, black panthers, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, stripy clothes, light and sunshine and flowers.
Päivi Raivio studies in the University of Art and Design Helsinki; she also studied design in London. Her recent projects are Midaan Tyttäret jewellery exhibition and Imperfect Home installation (with UIAH) for Imm fair in Cologne. She has also exhibited with Imudesign. Päivi loves to observe everyday life, big cities´ functions, people and values in the countries she has lived; UK, Finland and Zanzibar.
Veera Liisa Kulju (1975) is a designer who currently studies in Applied Art and Design master program at UIAH. Need to question and experience is her fuel and laughing out loud the accelerator pedal. Contrasts and on the other hand thinking makes life interesting to this logic dreamer.

Kalle Kotila is born on 11/14/1978 in Finland. Studied graphic design and animation. Worked in Finnish advertising agencies and in a 3d animation company. A stock owner of Las Palmas Films Ltd. (www.laspalmas.nu) Animation and music videos are near the heart.
Tomi Malakias is born on 04/10/1974 Heinaevesi, Finland. Studied animation. Worked in a metal industry as a metal man. He’s hobbies are Ice hole swimming, stamping and heavy karaoke.
Lauri Warsta is born on 5/6/1983 in Finland. Has studied digital media and
worked as a graphic designer. Currently studying animation in the UK. A
stock owner of Las Palmas Films Ltd. Hobbies: Mario Kart & drums.
Jouni Karttunen is born on 17/8/1983 in Finland. A stock owner of Las
Palmas Films Ltd. Currently studying architecture in Porto, Portugal. Likes to collect Chinese instruments.
Anu Liikkanen 31/08/77 Helsinki, Finland. Studied a BA in Animation in UK.
Has been working as a Freelancer in various projects for tv and
advertising and currently with Las Palmas Films. Loves computer
animation, special effects and electronic gadgets.
Henri Tani 13/08/1977 is a machine.

Aleksi Tolonen is an artist, basist in the band Giant Robot, illustrator, t-shirt designer, art teacher and a long term art student at both UIAH and Kuvataideakatemia. He can be found doing too much or too little somewhere in Helsinki.
Kaisa Jussila (born 1979 in Vantaa) is a printmaker. She likes cats, old houses and old cars. She works also as a mailman and spends her free time swimming, picking mushrooms and taking a sauna.
Leena Virtanen (1980) is a visual artist who lives & works in Kallio, Helsinki. She's originally from East Vantaa and she speaks fluent Danish.
Tatu Tuominen, born 1975, is a visual artist whose interests lie in the borderline between handicraft and photography – as well as fine arts and the imagery of mass culture. Tatu Tuominen has recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and is actively taking part in the art scene of Helsinki. Tuominen is also working as a producer. He’s is making beats for various finnish rappers and his own project Koti-6.
Tellervo Viitaniemi(1973) is an artist who loves to make black-and
white silkscreen images and homemovie-like videos.
Tero Juuti (1974) is a graphic designer living in Helsinki who hopes to graduate some day from the University of Art & Design. His ball-point-pen tattoo dictionary project (and more stuff to come) can be seen in www.some-guy.net.

Juuso Westerlund (1975) is a photographer who has a love/hate
relationship with karaoke. www.juusowesterlund.com.
Perttu Saksa ( b. 1979 ) is Helsinki based visual artist and photographer. He goes camping all year round. Check out Perttu's brand new works at Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki during november 2006.
Ville Palonen (born 1976) is a Helsinki-based freelance photojournalist, who has been working for Finnish magazines since year 2000. Palonen is a passionate traveller. He loves chicken busses, haggling, and shark dives and hates running out of toilet paper while having a food poisoning. www.palonen.fi
Pekka Niittyvirta (b.1974) is Artist/Photographer currently living in Helsinki. He works both in Finland and around Europe for his artistic projects. Niittyvirta has taken part in several exhibititions in Finland and abroad.
Eero Kokko (born 1973) is a Helsinki-based freelance photographer. He is been working as a photographer since 2000 and still going strong... He loves his work, Italy, Finish summer and of course the girl who saved him.. And at least he has one thing in common with Johnny Depp, they both hate the noice of hoovering.

Kirill Lorech was born in Siberia in mid 70's. Escaped from Soviet Union in 1987. Nowadays he works as a photographer in Science Center, does some occasional freelancing and is pursuing his musical ambitions in a project called po' land. Proud member of Söndag collective since 2005. www.lorech.com www.katusea.fi/po'land
Kristiina Mähönen (born 1979) is a fashion designer and a morning person. She gets easily excited with peculiar shapes, fiction, words, second hand treasures and yoghurt&honeylike moods. Kristiina loves to spend her time watching people and Fellini movies.
Mikko Hyppönen (1979) Kalio based graphic and web designer since 1998 who likes to play pipolätkä (beaniehockey) when ever possible. Taking photos, cycling, exploring new places and doing many more things are fun. www.seuramies.com
Niclas Kristiansson (born 1977) is a musician, dj, producer and part-time writer/visualist. Working on making ends meet by doing what he loves, Niclas is an active member of two collectives, Katusea and Söndag. He also sits by the window and drinks green tea a lot. www.katusea.fi | www.söndag.fi
Timo Tuomas (1976) is the older one of the Hyppönen's graphic design brothers at studio Söndag. Timo is keen on bicycling, mountains, music and says he favors any activity 'sans borders'.
Tanja Valta (1979) is textile designer who enjoy doing and thinking too many things at the same time. She's a big fan of animals, nature and flea markets. www.söndag.fi
Juhana Schulman (1979) Is an interdisciplinary visualist working currently as a rich-media designer. He is inspired by the facade of the building that was voted to be the ugliest in Helsinki and which can be seen from his living room window. Juhana is also a wannabe mountaineer and a sea kayaker.