Helsinki Biennale 2008 is going to be a World Fair. We have secretly built pavillions and all that shit in the cellar of Design Museum Helsinki. The World Fair will take place 25.10.2008–25.1.2009. It will be noisy, magnificent, and über gigantic. More than 50 most interesting artists from Finland and over 100 of our favorite artists from abroad. If sleep is the new black, Helsinki Biennale 2008 is wearing all white!

Aki-Pekka Sinikoski, Head of Helsinki Biennale


07.10.2009> Hello, it's me, Helsinki Biennale. I have to tell you that without doubt I'm a success!

People loved my visit at Design museum and I got embracing feedback from the media, the audience and the artists involved from all around the world. I was visited by 25.340 persons during the exhibition time. To be honest: here in Finland it is a shit lot of people.

Everything was so great until last Friday: I woke up and noticed that my alarm clock hasn't rung. I quickly put on my Italian clothes and started to run to the bus stop. Every time I took one expressionistic step forward I sled ten minimalistic steps backwards. And now I just noticed that I'm stuck in my Danish design kitchen drinking French red wine from the artistic mug that I bought from MoMA.

You can just imagine how bad I felt when I noticed that I'm still here. There is no way I can show my next peep show for you in 2010. I hope you understand: these things can happen to anyone, even to art institutions like myself.

It really hurts to hear people calling me names. You should never forget that even the art institutions have feelings. Listen: Even if I'm running late don't you even think about calling me a triennale! I have nothing to do with those bitches. Here in Helsinki we believe that if you are born a biennale you will always be a biennale. The most important thing is that I myself know where I come from. –I'm a son of a biennale, and proud to be!

Wanna still be my Facebook friend? Wanna still make sweet love to me? Thanks, I thought you would. We are beautiful together!

Hugs n' Kisses, Helsinki Biennale

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was awarded with the first Do it yourself Finlandia. The awarded collective is also one of the studios exhibiting at Helsinki Biennale 2008.

Kutikuti is a studio and association working for new and artistically high quality comics. The studio, founded in 2005, is the only one in Finland dedicated 100 % to comics. The Kutikuti studio located in Kallio, Helsinki, Finland is the working place for twelve artists – read more at

By this award Helsinki Biennale wants to honour and bring to front voluntary Finnish art activities at a grass-root level. The award consists of a strong respect showing handshake and a box of Finlandia vodka. The founder of Helsinki Biennale and DIY Finlandia award curator Aki-Pekka Sinikoski awarded Kutikuti while two skinny boys were playing a trumpet serenade in the background.

”Kutikuti has created not only their own master pieces but also their own channels of distribution. They have been doing pioneer work to grow the knowledge of Finnish comics abroad. Kutikuti also promotes comic art in Finland not only by teaching and publishing comics but also by participating in arranging the Helsinki Comics Festival. Helsinki Biennale wish them more mighty milestones on the planet of Kutikuti. May the force of Finlandia be with you” says Sinikoski.


29.10.2008> Opening night was a success! No doubt about it. We had 700 guests and everything was just so perfect! We would like to thank all artists and all our friends who have co-operated with us to create this diamond. Especially we would like to thank BlankBlank's Petri, who Helsinki Biennale has worked together with to create the visual indentity this time. We would also like to thank Reka, who worked with us with the exhbition graphics etc, Jessica who has been my key player #1. Katri who has helped us with all kinds of practical stuff...

We would also like to thank the opening night's artists: Mr.Playbackboy for her/his wonderfully weird macho show! Lovely Yes Rocker DJ's. And of course our hosts at the after party: DJ Yolapongo & Car and the spectacular VJ duo beige/harmaa. Please contact us if someone happends to have any pictures or video clips from the after party.

Pictures from the Helsinki Biennale 2008 opening below.

Picture set #1

Picture set #2

Picture set #3

Clip by VJs beige/harmaa

20.10.2008> Grand Opening for Helsinki Biennale's World Fair in Design Museum (Korkeavuorenkatu 23) Friday October 24th at 6.p.m. If you are alive and in Helsinki – do not miss it!

15.07.2008> The beloved giant Helsinki Biennale has been homeless for a long time. After the last exhibition at Myymälä2 gallery in 2006 this two years old giant has been forced to spend his nights on streets, in night shelters, staircases, and even on hard discs.

"It was extremely hard to find the meaning of life from white galleries and from artist's endless self reflections at the same time as I myself was forced to fight for my own existence. I have learned to sleep in a sitting position and talk about the state of modern art and Finnish design with dim eyes and bleeding teeth.

Sky high rents forced me to hit the road. I rambled a long time. I was forced to go outside Helsinki, and after all past Finland's borders. During my migration I met a lot of friendly people from different countries. From countries that I didn't even know existed. Even though we didn't always have a common language I got really close to many of these lovely people and we became friends. These people taught me a lot about life.

During my stay in Superkasistan I got a fax from Design Museum, Helsinki. They said that at the end of the year 2008 I can live at their place. For free! I thought that sounded great. I accepted their offer and invited all these friendly nations I met to my own World Fair. Not just to show my gratitude but to get crazy diamonds and trill ass nomads up to Helsinki.

I can proudly tell you that Helsinki Biennale 2008 will be über gigantic and blasting! It will change everyting. The world is not round anymore. It's flat, colorful and outspread. You will see it at my place in the underground of Design Museum. Welcome!"

11.02.2008> Hello friends, warriors, and virtual travellers!

Helsinki Biennale do not like the idea of people being lonely. We do love people, we do love friendsship and we do love good things. That's why we do love collaborations too. Here are a couple of new ones that Helsinki Biennale have just started!

First of all I can tell you that behind the scenes we have worked in co-operation with Demos Helsinki and printing house Art Print to create something totally new called Art Net. It is a really interesting project based on a new way of thinking. I hope and believe that it can become one of the most interesting projects for a long time. It's going to be a community, and useful tool for artists, designers, and the industry. I will tell you more about this project later this spring.

The second collaboration is a club concept called ME. It brings together good music, atmosphere, and people in the heart of Kallio. As said Helsinki Biennale loves people and of course we do love good parties so thats why we love ME.

ME are Bisquit Stash, Cakesniffer, Dodo, Fenchurch Clothing, Flamongo Samoojat, Get Your Love, Helsinki Biennale, Läs, M*sfits, Wunder, Myymälä2 & Wunder, Kasino A4. If you want to get your personal member card I think it might still be possible to get one by dropping an email to gareth[AT] with the headline: I'm your member. Remember to tell him that you are a friend of Helsinki Biennale.

I'm happy to tell you that we are now working with next Helsinki Biennale that will take place at the end of 2008. Next week I'm going to work for new visuals and concepts together with Finnish-Norwegian Blank Blank. I have worked with them with good results before with Transformator and Tox so I'm really waiting to go to their Berlin office next week.

Pictures from the Helsinki Biennale 2006 opening available HERE. Click Click!

The Giant has woken up! After a long and chilly winter we are ready for new adventures! Sooner than you expect we will make your ass do the samba! We have just started cooking sessions for the next happening! We are preparing you incredible deluxe gourmet with the best flavours and aromas! While our 12 dishes menu is in the oven, we would like to see you in Barcelona at Sónar festival! If you want to have a beer with us or you want to show some of your projects don't hesitate to contact us.

We are also happy to tell you that last year’s Helsinki Biennale poster made by Norwegian Grand People won gold at Visuelt07! More information can be found here:

We are the perfect couple!

Background information and birth certification available on Helsinki Biennale 2006 webpage. That is HERE!


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